Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Cow Inu

How do the token metrics work and what is the incentive to HOLD Cow Inu?

Cow Inu is a deflationary token that rewards users for holding. Cow Inu has a 5% redistribution tax for all buys and sells.The redistribution tax means that Cow Inu holders are rewarded for holding Cow Inu. The longer users hold Cow Inu, the more their Cow Inu bag increases in size.

What exchanges are we listed and what are the plans for future listings?

Currently we are listed PancakeSwap. We have some offers from centralized exchanges which will be disclosed as we are near to listing on these exchanges.

How can I buy Cow Inu?

Cow Inu has BEP20 token. It can be bought on PancakeSwap. Please set slippage to 5.25-6%