A community-owned crypto coin, developed by a community of developers with the vision to digitalize the conventional currencies in the non-profit segment. Cow Inu combines utility and the power of community and aims to be the number one cryptocurrency.

In ancient times, the Cow was considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Therefore it was named Cow Inu.

The Cow Inu team is committed to protecting animal rights with the help of various non-profit organizations. The majority of the proceedings of Cow Inu projects will be used for animal rights, making Cow Inu one of the most responsible cryptos in the world.

Cow Inu is currently working on three major utility projects:

1. A NFT and merchandise marketplace known as Goloka.online

2. A block-chain enabled platform that manages donations -  www.AnAssurance.com.

3. Cow Inu Nalanda - an educational platform focused on Crypto.

The initial phases of our project will focus on streamlining digital transactions linked to donations and commitments to various organizations. The non-profit sector is plagued with corruption and a lack of transparency which is why donation platforms need to embrace digitalization and blockchain technology to promote transparency in the donation sector.

Blockchain technology is a distributed database that allows for transparent and secure recording of transactions. The Blockchain would allow benefactors to track their donations and ensure that they are going towards their intended purpose.

We have also developed our first social application “AnAssurance.com". Read more about the project at "www.AnAssurance.com" which will let organizations accept cryptocurrency online, as well as track and monitor the successful completion of each transaction. In addition, the social app will authenticate each organization out there ensuring funds are handed to the rightful person or organization. Join us in the fight for change!